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Dr. Dan French

Dr. Dan French

Dan French is a standup comedian, speaker, writer, and teacher, whose unique career includes being twice nominated for Emmys as a late night comedy writer, while also having a Ph.D. in Rhetoric — pretty sure that’s a first.

Dan has performed over 3,000 standup shows at comedy clubs across the U.S. and Canada, and has been hired to do comedy and lectures by high profile organizations such as IBM, Nextel, Samsung, St. David’s Medical Center, Duke University, and the U.S. Naval War College.

A prolific comedy writer who has worked on staff at The Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Late Late Show on CBS, and Dennis Miller, Dan has also been a contributing writer on George Lopez, Wanda Sykes, and David Letterman (you want to feel something weird, have your jokes come out of that guy’s mouth, it’s way cool).

Dan’s Ph.D. is in Communication Studies, with specialties in both Rhetoric and Cultural Studies. He has taught at the University of Texas at Austin, California State University at Fullerton, and the University of Louisville. His courses include Advanced Persuasion, Rhetorical Theory, Relationship Communication, Southern Culture, Screenwriting, and Television Writing.

After nearly ten years as a comedy writer, Dan swerved out of Los Angeles and into his current work, traveling and performing his one-person show, “The Comedian’s Diet,” the story of how he lost 125 lbs. by exploring new ideas about human obesity.

Originally from Kentucky, Dan now lives with a lot of tattoo-covered humans in Austin, Texas.

About the Podcast

Health and weight loss info with a Paleo twist? Pro comedy from pro comedians? Get it all with the brand-spanking amazing “The Health and Comedy Show, with Dan French and Amy Kubal.” Co-hosted by super-nutritionist, firecracker-mouthed South Dakota escapee Amy Kubal, RD, and Emmy-nominated comedy writer and 125-lb. weight knocker-offer, Dr. Dan French, Ph.D., this show offers headsnapping comedy on the health news of the week, the juiciest in Paleo and vegan gossip, and its wildly popular “On the Grill” segment, with insanely irreverent interviews with unsuspecting health experts and ear-popping interviews with super unhealthy comedians everywhere. You want to hear some stuff you won’t believe you’re hearing? Turn us on. And we’ll turn you on. Or turn on you. Either way, it’s your turn.