Ep5 – Charlene Mae is Acid Refluxin’

Charlene Mae

Comedian and actress Charlene Mae is wondering why her mouth tastes like metal. Amy lists some crazy options, mostly, hey, quit smoking and drinking cappuccino all day, see what happens. Corben is fixated on Charlene’s cleavage, and Dan still wonders why his Dad could only cook hamdogs.

In This Episode

0ae hnc-005: Charlene Mae, “Acid Refluxin’”

Show Links mentioned in this episode include:

* Amy’s on book cover of “The Paleo Slow Cooker”
* Corben froze his family’s butt off camping at Ink’s Lake
* Charlene Mae Prunier (her name means Plum Tree)
* Corben entranced by Charlene Mae’s cleavage on her site
* Charlene is headlining comedy clubs in Nashville this week
* Charlene is a southern Masshole (born in boston, grew up in GA)
* Charlene is a smoker in LA
* Amy wonders if Charlene is pregnant
* Charlene is addicted to getting B12 shots in her butt
* Charlene’s diet is beer and Frosty’s
* Using Groupon as health insurance
* Discount dentists
* Charlene’s mammogram
* Get your hoo ha checked
* Deficiencies and metallic taste
* Amy deals with yappy dogs
* Taking antacids to deal with heartburn
* People aren’t great at controlling their bad habits
* Charlene’s going to start dipping tobacco
* Yoga isn’t always relaxing
* Supplements are supposed to be short term
* Corben says stop wheat to stop acid reflux
* Charlene thinks eating salmon and oatmeal is healthy
* Would Charlene try Paleo?
* Italy is having huge issues with Celiac
* Everyday is Charlene’s birthday
* Charlene’s family is all crazy
* Charlene’s emotional eating comes from her Mom’s epilepsy
* Emotional eating: food withheld from you as a kid, rationed, special treats, fear, anxiety, Mom forgot to pack your lunch, feast/famine, did you parents care about your food? “anything goes” eating
* Our weird associations with food from our family
* Most people aren’t rational eaters
* Amy traumatized by dumplings
* Can-Do List for Charlene: give up smoking? start eating well. give up dairy (but, what about my cappuccinos?)
* Charlene is going to work on cutting back a bit on coffee

* Here’s an interesting question for this episode: We keep talking about health improvement through sensible changes and livable ideas, but we’re dealing with human beings, who are at best half sensible and half nuts. How do you get your eating, exercise, lifestyle into a nice, clean, rational healthy order (Or at the very least – less of a crap pile) if you, your life, and most everyone around you is a mess? I can’t wait to hear the answer to this one – I’ve been trying to figure it out since grad school…
The Definition of stress: The confusion created when your mind overrides your natural instinct to slap the living shit out of a person that obviously deserves it…

Intro Charlene

To “illustrate” life mess = hard to stay healthy, we turn to one of my favorite messes, the incredibly funny Charlene Mae Prunier. Born in Boston/Lawrence, MA(?), moved to Augusta, GA — there’s a combination A ‘mass-hole’ with a southern accent?? — Charlene is a super funny standup, storyteller, and has acted on “Rules of Engagement” and DisneyXD’s “LabRats.” Now living, kind of, in Manhattan Beach, CA, on location doing comedy in Nashville, she is “Edgy comedy at its cutest.” Charlene.

* smoking this is an EXPENSIVE habit!
* yoga/working out What does yoga have to do with working out?? Sincerely, Amy the over trainer… And those Lululemon yoga pants – they’re freaking expensive too. I got a gift card there for $50 and I am now the proud owner of a sleeve. The rest of the shirt is on layaway until I can afford the rest of it…
* relationships/divorce Don’t even get me started, sister… I could do 3 entire podcasts on the subject of my ex-shithead
* homeless And yet you somehow find money to buy cigarettes?? Hmmm…
* bad eating: at clubs, at night, emotions we’re women – what do you expect…, sweets, alcohol
* family: mom/epilespy, aunt crack,
* manhattan beach women: LA,

Messy Life Topics

— financial stress Remember that smoking thing…
— house stress Is the roof caving in? Why is the house stressed??
— relational stress
— emotional eating
— psyche skitziness
— catastrophies, traumas
— bad habits, training from families, cultures
— examples of people you know who have so much mess Uh, ME, ME, ME!!! COMPLETE ADRENAL BURNOUT!!
— cultural examples: hoarders, super obese, binge eaters, bulimics, anorexics,



I grew up in Lawrence Mass, to a pipe fitter father and stay at home mom. My parents went to the prom and then I attended their graduation. Our family soon grew to 5 children and I was ignored. I loved to make people laugh from as long as I can remember. Blah Blah Blah….I won’t bore you but I have worked in 4 comedy clubs, put over 300,00 miles on my car as a road comic. I worked at Cartoon Network, with professional Wrestlers and was an assistant to over 30 VicePresidents at Turner Broadcasting.(maybe 20? but 30 sounds better).

I won American Funniest video, had a morning radio show that was nominated for a CMA award. I was a Flight Attendant. I have attended every comedy festival all over the planet. Yeah Planet. I had been on hiatus from comedy when in 2010 my 15 year marriage ended in divorce. I scratched the old act and started my standup comedy over writing a whole new act. This time around I worked on being less jokey and more honest and vulnerable on stage. I recently opened for the amazing Hal Sparks in Las Vegas and was invited to the 4th Annual Women in Comedy Festival in Cambridge Mass.

Since moving to LA I have been on 2 Seasons of CBS’s Rules of Engagement, Disney’s Jesse, Disney XD’s new show LabRats and Mike and Molly. I am so blessed to be doing what I love. My dream is to get my own sitcom call it “It’s not the Charlene Show” and live happily ever after…Yeah I said it my own sitcom. Oh and I want to be on Sesame Street…working with Grover. I want to sing with Grover.

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