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Paleo Power Lunch

Paleo Power Lunch

Paleo Power Lunch

Easy, Filling & Delicious Workday Meal Strategies

Stormy Sweitzer

How often do you go to work, only to find that your schedule changes and you don’t have a lot of time – if any – for lunch? What do you do? Eat something you shouldn’t? Or maybe not eat at all?

By the end of days like these, you are probably grouchy, tired, unfocused, and maybe even feel ill. And, any motivation you have to go the gym has gone out the window.

With its easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes, and straightforward shopping, preparation, and lunchbox strategies, Paleo Power Lunch helps busy individuals, who struggle in the kitchen, avoid these situations while staying true to their dietary choices and needs.

No ordinary cookbook, Paleo Power Lunch includes:

* Planning and shopping strategies for making the most of your time and money
* Numerous tips & techniques for easily preparing meats and produce
* 26 Paleo Power Lunch combinations to fuel your day
* Over a dozen delicious dressing recipes
* Numerous snack ideas
* Ideas and formulas for making your own powerful lunch creations
* And, even advice on selecting the right lunch box for the way you live and work and packing your lunch for the day.

All recipes are based on Paleo diet eating principles, and include delicious meats, poultry and seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and eggs. The book will help both committed Paleo lifestyle practitioners who need simple strategies for pulling together healthy workday lunches, as well as readers new to the Paleo diet – and even to cooking – who are seeking simple, delicious, real-food lunch alternatives that are also healthy and nutritious.

The book is straightforward, covers the basics of Paleo lunches, and helps people become comfortable with different flavors and using what they have on hand in a way that tastes good. If you are already a whiz in the kitchen and have a routine in place, this book may not be for you.