The Sweets Episode

Howl, wolf, howl

We’re up and running with ep. 3 of “The Health and Comedy Show, w Dan French and Amy Kubal,” and it’s all about why we need to get sweet stuff out of the national diet. Amy K says that detectiving sugar and convincing people to ditch it into the ditch is basically most of her job, at least when it comes to obesity issues. So search through your sugar, break up with your sweetheart, literally.

On a broader note, it’s been a lot of both work and fun getting this podcast up and sprinting, and I’m continually surprised by how much there is to learn about creating your own health.  We’ve had people writing in to argue certain “points,” and there are widely diverging opinions in the world about what’s healthy. Which is fine,  but I do want to note that social media is a new thing, it has a personal quality that Big Media didn’t. You can get your words onto someone’s “site,” and get some access to small media figures, when before all media-types were on high rise pedestals (try sending a letter to Tom Brokaw back in the day). Remember as we all negotiate the rights and wrongs of social media, that you always have the right to voice an opinion, but you don’t have the right for people to pay attention to it. Right? I think I’m right. Talk doesn’t mean you get a response. It just means you felt like letting your brain bullhorn its contents out your mouthhole. Bullhorn away. But at the end of the cyber-day, we’re all just dogs howlin’ on the back porch, mama. Howl for fun, but it’s your howl, and most howls trail off into the big darkness, as they are meant to trail.

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