Vegan Barbecue

Top Signs You’re at a Vegan Barbecue

Out in the yard, a lamb is hoof-slapping a guy named Sunrise.

Everyone is upset that on “The Walking Dead” all the zombies eat meat.

The neighbors have to call the cops and explain what sitar music is.

The host keeps asking if anyone wants their self-righteousness medium-rare.

Somebody pours out some kombucha for the vegan homies who didn’t make it.

Four chicks have a chugging contest with the leftover quinoa rinse.

No one thinks its funny that the tofu is in the shape of a grilled pig.

A pigeon flies down, picks up a dude and carries him away for its young.

The bouncy house for the kids is filled with various bean-farts.

The dog jumps around excited because he thinks one of these people might fall on the grill.

Guys in sarongs.

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