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Ep28-Keeping-On 0

Ep28 – Keeping On

Lawrence’s buddy Reverend Jay stops in just in time to hear Lawrence talk about crashing into a trough of despair, wallowing in some alcohol, then pulling himself up by his Paleo bootstraps. Ah, the...

Ep27-Cortisol 0

Ep27 – Cortisol

Lawrence and I continue to tweak his diet to restart some fat loss, because even though he feels good and is eating well, he’d like a few more numbers on his side. And then...

Ep26-Love-or-Loathe-PartTwo 0

Ep26 – Love or Loathe: Part Two

We’re back at the scene of the joke to finish our discussion on eating disorders, as triggered by the newly crowned winner of The Biggest Loser, who super-dwindled to 105 lbs. We also take...

Ep25-Biggest-Loser 1

Ep25 – Love or Loathe: Part One

Self-love or self-loathe? Yeah or meh? Can you love your weight loss results too much? Does vanity help or hurt when you’re trying to get healthy? We start what becomes a two-part episode on...

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Jimmy Moore 0

Ep5 – Does Alcohol Make You Fat? w/Jimmy Moore

So, does pounding tequila while on a diet help or hurt your dechubbing efforts? Hear how much weight Lawrence didn’t lose this week for your next clue. We talk the inner body effects of...

Calories, Really? 0

Calories, Really?

Calories. We’re dealing with a billion extra pounds of human globulin, trying to dam or dyke it up to keep it from flooding over us like some kind of plumping Pompeii, and the nutritionistas...

pecan-pie 0

Ep16 – Mono Dieting?

When it comes to health, is it better to be a foodie or a functional eater? Do we do better with lots of taste, or a small window of food we like? Lawrence drags...

Larry the Cable Guy, Food Fer You 0

Larry the Cable Guy, Food Fer You

Just in case you thought the America was in the throes of a slow demise toward becoming history’s latest Roman Empire, I present to you the accomplishment that is Larry the Cable Guy’s line...