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Ep28-Keeping-On 0

Ep28 – Keeping On

Lawrence’s buddy Reverend Jay stops in just in time to hear Lawrence talk about crashing into a trough of despair, wallowing in some alcohol, then pulling himself up by his Paleo bootstraps. Ah, the...

Ep27-Cortisol 0

Ep27 – Cortisol

Lawrence and I continue to tweak his diet to restart some fat loss, because even though he feels good and is eating well, he’d like a few more numbers on his side. And then...

Ep26-Love-or-Loathe-PartTwo 0

Ep26 – Love or Loathe: Part Two

We’re back at the scene of the joke to finish our discussion on eating disorders, as triggered by the newly crowned winner of The Biggest Loser, who super-dwindled to 105 lbs. We also take...

Ep25-Biggest-Loser 1

Ep25 – Love or Loathe: Part One

Self-love or self-loathe? Yeah or meh? Can you love your weight loss results too much? Does vanity help or hurt when you’re trying to get healthy? We start what becomes a two-part episode on...

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Calories Uncounted 0

Calories Uncounted

Here’s a word I never want to hear again: calories. For the past thirty years that word has been shoved into our faces more times than Coca Cola. I’m pretty sure it’s really what...

Top Most Fattening Video Games 0

Top Most Fattening Video Games

CNN reported a story about a video game enthusiast who changed his eating and exercise because he wanted to look like his online avatar. Good idea, and inspired us to remind everyone to avoid...

Doughnut Nation 0

Doughnut Nation

It’s June 1, and of course that means it’s National Doughnut Day in America. As opposed to almost every other day in America, which are also all national doughnut days. And coffee with cream...

I Eat the Ocean! 0

I Eat the Ocean!

Okay, okay, okay, my favorite “news” story today, a 6’6″, 350-lb. dude in Wisconsin is picketing a restaurant because it cut him off at the “All You Can Eat” Fish Fry after he destroyed...